Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Survival Gear

I just wanted to show some of my favourite gear I sometimes take with me when I go camping or bushcrafting.  Everyone has different gear to suit them and when outdoors the greatest asset you can have with you is common sense, and to be adaptable to your surroundings.  You should also be aware of things around you that you could use in a survival situation if things go wrong.  Over the years my gear has changed.  I have had heavy rucksacks and light day bags, and have believed that I should take everything apart from the kitchen sink, but it can take its toll on the body, and now I have had a leg injury, I have to pack light and be sensible about I really do need with me.

In past years I have just used British army gear, such as combat trousers, smocks and burgens, and have found this gear to be hard wearing, quick drying and good to keep yourself from being seen in the woods.  However, if I were to get lost or hurt in the woods, then it would be very hard to find me.  So I have had a drastic change and have decided, out with the army gear (although I do feel lost without it), and in with hiking gear and maxpedition gear, and touch wood, so far so good.

So this is my main knife, the Timberwolf, which is a small knife, but very sharp.  I use it as a bushcrafting knife and have used it to batton a few logs too, and it is holding up well.  The larger knife is a Mora knife which I have as a backup and it is a real sturdy knife for most outdoors jobs.

I also have two different types of axe, one wood and one full metal.  Both cut logs well and have not let me down.

This is my wood saw.  It is a cheap saw, which is great to cut small logs for the camp and for pruning trees.

My new Maxpedition Jumbo bag, which I have just used for Geocaching.  I filled it up with food and drink and other items, and carried it for a whole day with no problems at all.  I can see this being my best bag and most used in the future!

My map case is waterproof and great to carry, and very useful as I found when I was hit once by a horrid rain storm.  :O)  I was able to navigate without the map going soggy.  Happy days!

I could go on and on with more gear, but I don’t wish to bore you, so I will stop here for now.  All I can say is, always be prepared for any event that may happen.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about any of the kit that I carry.


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