Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fire Spinning - Staff and Poi

A little time ago, Sara and I decided to try a different kind of hobby, something we could do on our own, and be entertaining for us to do.

We went to a local kite shop and bought… No, not a kite… but a fire staff and a set of poi.  The idea is to spin the staff when its on fire around your body and create nice patterns in the air and relax, and likewise with the poi.  We had never ever done this before, but watched a few tutorials on YouTube, and then tried it out for ourselves, without the fire to start with hehe.

Wow!  It was great fun and I remember the both of us saying how much we ached the day after.  What fun we had dropping them all the time and hitting ourselves, but we stuck with it, and we got better and better.  

I decided to set my staff on fire for the first time one night and I felt a bit worried, but started to spin the staff.  Faster and faster it went until the staff and I were one.  I felt at peace and remember feeling great.  So the first spin had gone well, and from then on I used the staff with fire.  I did burn myself a couple of times, but nothing bad, and even put the fire end in my trouser pocket once.  Boy did it leave the pocket fast.  Lol. 

We decided to do a fire spinning show for friends and family one bonfire night at my parents house, and we let off the fire works and then did a few spins, which our friends enjoyed.  I don’t spin a lot these days due to other hobbies, but still love doing it as a way to relax.

Hope you like the photos, and perhaps you can challenge yourself and learn to spin.

Remember to keep a first aid kit and wet towel handy.   :O)

Take care and be safe!


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